Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm sorry

'70s fashion icon -Bianca Jagger
I'm sorry guys that I have not posted in months. I have been pre-occupied with my new job which has nothing to do with fashion. I guess that's why I have been off the radar. But as I have fully settled into my job, I once again have time to make posts. I will be making frequent posts from now on. I will continue the designer close-ups as I said earlier. But for today, lets talk about the new trends. The bohemian and sophisticated glamour of the '70s are back with high-waisted wide leg pants, neat bow blouses, smart printed jumpsuits. To accessorise, try smart, high quality bags, big statement leather belts, wear lots of jewelry- rings, bangles, etc and complimentary hairstyles like sleek long bob, masses of bouncy curls or long flowing hair.